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Hi Guys

Been searching for the latest update for my HEV so I can give the dealer the update string that it should be updated too (although updating in the UK is free it is not usually done unless you ask)

Ok so at the moment I have AE_HEV.EUR.SOP.005.5.181002 Installed

There has I think been two updates since although I thought they only being out an update one a year and my Ioniq is only 10 months old

So I have found AE_HEV.EUR.SOP.007.3.190314 which I thought was the latest but then a scout around found this one AE_HEV.EUR.SOP.008.1.191209

So are these two different versions or does one just supercede the other and AE_HEV.EUR.SOP.008.1.191209 is the latest

Thanks for any input
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