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Tracking Ioniq 5 Availability / Southern California

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In early May I started tracking I5 availability on a daily basis at dealers local to me, using the Search New Inventory tool at Hyundai USA. Search criteria is AWD vehicles within 150 miles of my location (Orange County).

I should mention that the vehicle numbers are not 100% accurate for what is truly on a dealers lot or in transit, as I have seen vehicles listed on the site for a few days after the dealer has confirmed to me that the vehicle was sold. In addition, I cannot reach any conclusion as to how many vehicles were sold between different days. Just because the number hasn't changed between days doesn't mean no vehicles were sold, as 50 could have been sold, and replaced with 50 more. My goal was just to waste time as I contemplate a purchase, but also notice any trends.

Up until yesterday, the values did not change much, growing slightly each day. But yesterday and today I have seen the first noticeable spike. Here is the data.

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Overall, there are 26% more vehicles listed between 5/3 and 5/20.
The limiteds (the trim I am focused on) have had a 73% increase, and most of that in last couple days.

Regarding exterior colors, I was only tracking Digital Teal limiteds initially. There were (9) on 5/3, which dropped to 7 on 5/18. As of today, there are 25.

Again - this data set is too small date-wise and market-size to reach any conclusions. But if you are in OC this info may be of use.
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I wish I found this post sooner as I was trying to decided between Lucid Blue and Digital Teal (my preference was Cyber Gray but there were none at this particular dealer).

Ended up with Digital Teal but almost switched to Lucid Blue. Good to see that Teal is "rarer" and I do like how the color changes.

I am seeing more willingness to discount (if you call MSRP a "discount") now on I5s and this is probably a combination of more inventory and Y price reductions. At least Hyundai is finally kicking in some rebate cash and part of the Fed credit 45w lease credit.
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