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The May update is back! And 23 is included.

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The May 23 Nav update is back and available for 22 and 23 Ioniq 5's.

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I installed the earlier version (intended for 2022s only) on my 2023 SEL and it hasn't had any issues, but I'm excited to get this installed and see if there are differences or other improvements to the new routeplanning stuff.
Beware - it rolls back some of the changes. It no longer lets a passenger type on the screen when the car is moving, it reverted some icons, and removed the AC charge percentages.... AND it turned off the working (and subscribable) Verizon Wi-Fi hotspot. At least on the 2023 the route planning still doesn't work correctly
Well that's good to know. I'll be holding off installing it for now, then.
OK, so does anyone have a list of the changes from the earlier release? At this point, is it only that it removes the Verizon Wi-Fi hotspot?
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This will be my first time doing an update. Are there two updates - one for maps/routing and one for the UI/Infotainment system?
Nope, just one update. Use the Navigation Updater app to download the latest version to a 64GB thumbdrive and then plug it into the data port in your Ioniq 5. Either the car will prompt you, or you can go to the software update section of the settings and click "Update" to start it manually.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts