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The May update is back! And 23 is included.

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The May 23 Nav update is back and available for 22 and 23 Ioniq 5's.

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Beware - it rolls back some of the changes. It no longer lets a passenger type on the screen when the car is moving, it reverted some icons, and removed the AC charge percentages.... AND it turned off the working (and subscribable) Verizon Wi-Fi hotspot. At least on the 2023 the route planning still doesn't work correctly
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Do you mean that there is literally no way to set the AC charge percentages at all? I am currently setting mine at 70%. If this is true then is there a way to guarantee that OTA update is disabled? I absolutely do not want this on my car if you can't set AC charge percentage.
In the previous update, the AC charge current was shown in percentages, now it's reverted to Low, Med and High
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Correction: I double checked my 23 and the AC current still shows percentages, but the routing is total garbage
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