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Hi all,
I've got a reservation on a Tesla Model 3, but being in the UK I'm prepared for quite a wait for them to get around to the RHD models. Our current car (2006 Honda civic 2.2CTDi) is just getting to that stage where we're worried it's going to start costing us £££ to repair in the near future, so I don't think we can hold onto it for 2 more years.

I really don't want another fossil-burner and the Kia Soul EV seemed to tick the boxes for a family car (2 kids + dog). The test drive was good – decent enough, if uninspiring, and a good level of kit. The salesman's offered a two-day test, which was a nice touch.

I first saw the Ioniq on the Fully Charged vid the other day, and I'd booked the test drive within 2 minutes of it finishing!

It was a surprisingly fun car to drive, pretty swift down country lanes with fantastic 20-40mph acceleration in Sport mode. I really enjoyed the driving experience with the different levels of regen. The equipment levels are properly impressive. Adaptive Cruise and Lane Keep Assist are 70% of the benefit of Tesla Autopilot :) and even the Model S doesn't have Apple Car Play!

The bonus of a free Pod Point charger install is nice, for orders before the end of the year.

Ordering info from the salesman is that a metallic orange one might be available before the end of the year, and silver, blue and black are probably just into the New Year.

Just need to get lease costs sorted out. See my other thread for details.

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have you considered the hybrid?

might be worth a test drive if only to discount it, I should be getting the premium once the finance is sorted

still does 70+ mpg, no issues of running out of charge, free road tax and same equipment, bigger boot as smaller battery

biggest bonus £2k cheaper than EV after gov grant

I am thinking heading to full EV in stages,

hybrid this time, plugin next, then full EV by then the range etc should be that much better as electric drive train and battery tech improve
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