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Rear motor not operating 45 min after charge!

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I am more than halfway into a 2,200 mile trip with a 5 month old 2023 I5, just passed the 5k mile mark. Beginning yesterday I noticed while on cruse control the car would lurch forward to compensate for being 2-3 mph under the cruse set point. Today I figured out the rear motor was no longer operating, the lurch was the delay until the front motor took over.

Today I charged 3 times for +/-30 min each. Then driving 70 mph for ~45 min all is normal car drives fine (no lurching). After 45 min of driving at 70 mph, the rear motor ceases to function, I then enable SNOW mode (constant AWD) to prevent lurching. (Image shows front motor doing all the work, rear shows a single bar but ODB2 reports zero)

Checked ODB2, no stored DTC's. The rear motor torque that was ranging between -8 & 35 during the 45 min after the charge, then torque is a constant zero.

Anybody know of a service bulletin that addresses this issue?
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