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Rear motor not operating 45 min after charge!

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I am more than halfway into a 2,200 mile trip with a 5 month old 2023 I5, just passed the 5k mile mark. Beginning yesterday I noticed while on cruse control the car would lurch forward to compensate for being 2-3 mph under the cruse set point. Today I figured out the rear motor was no longer operating, the lurch was the delay until the front motor took over.

Today I charged 3 times for +/-30 min each. Then driving 70 mph for ~45 min all is normal car drives fine (no lurching). After 45 min of driving at 70 mph, the rear motor ceases to function, I then enable SNOW mode (constant AWD) to prevent lurching. (Image shows front motor doing all the work, rear shows a single bar but ODB2 reports zero)

Checked ODB2, no stored DTC's. The rear motor torque that was ranging between -8 & 35 during the 45 min after the charge, then torque is a constant zero.

Anybody know of a service bulletin that addresses this issue?
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That's very, very interesting.

Do you happen to know what was the exact type of the fast chargers you have used? Were they 800V or 400V?

My theory is that if it was on 400V chargers (including Tesla Supercharger), it's possible that the rear motor or inverter overheated as it's actually the device that's converting from 400V to 800V at maximum capacity.

On the ODB2 reader, have you checked the drivetrain temperatures by any chance?
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