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I just discovered that the rapid chargers at Circle K in Flädie (west of Lund, Sweden) can be used for free at the moment.

They will no doubt implement some payment system later, but let's strike while the iron is hot!

There are two 150 kW chargers and two 50 kW chargers. I didn't notice the difference at first. I thought they were all the same, so I just backed up at the first charger, which was 150 kW. Had I known the difference, I might have used a 50 kW charger instead, which would have been plenty for my 38 kWh Ioniq. But since all bays were unoccupied and available, I don't think I was hogging anything. While I was there, an Audi E-tron arrived and hooked up at the other 150 kW charger, but no more electric vehicles were in sight.

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