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Naaaaaah :) not for us...

(don't forget to add the 58km already on the clock...)
We had some fierce range anxiety in our petrol car once, when coming home late from Berlin: Couldn't find a petrol station anywhere! We just made it across the border, a few kilometres before we were home pfffft we could fill 'm up just in time.

Never had that with our Imiev though, because we know exactly how far we can go, when we need to load, and where we can do that with a nice cup of coffee :) It's going to be much easier with the Ioniq EV though, at least twice the range, and your display tells you when and where to stop. Just don't ignore the signal, you wouldn't do that with your petrol car either! And with this chargemap you can see where in the world all the charging points are! :D

Having said that: That's a nice range though! :)
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