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Hyundai IONIQ electric is even better than we thought - Push EVs

two things in that article

Hyundai estimated an EPA range of 110 miles (177 km) and an efficiency of 125 MPGe (16,75 kWh/100 km). This initial estimation seems to be very pessimistic since the Nissan Leaf with the 30 kWh battery (28 kWh usable) has a 107 EPA miles range, only 3 miles less than the Hyundai IONIQ electric that is a lot more efficient and has a similar usable battery capacity.
But now that we are approaching the Los Angeles Auto Show, where Hyundai will show its electric car to the USA public, it seems that Hyundai has revised its own EPA estimations about range and efficiency.

Hyundai now says that the IONIQ electric has a 124 miles (200 km) range and a combined efficiency of 135 MPGe (15,51 kWh/100 km). And remember that EPA figures measure the efficiency from well-to-wheels, so charging efficiency also counts.

so LA auto show is 18th - 27th November, so will we see an official announcement for the US launch date then?

Los Angeles Auto Show - November 18-27, 2016
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