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Price of Ioniq EV

I'm expecting it too to be cheaper than the leaf (i'm talking about the ioniq EV).

The question is : what is the price?!?!?

I tough the price will be announce at the LA motor show but still no news!!
My car dealer is saying that the car should be available by the end of january 2017.
On the USA Hyundai website, they mention winter for the release of the car!!!

Will they unveil the price the day before the car goes on sale or what?

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the official line is the EV will be onsale this year, the hybrid early 2017 and the plug-in may - june 2017,

in the UK the hybrid is £19995 - £23500 and the EV is about £28000 - £30000

prius 4 starts about £23000


we then get a £4500 discount on the EV from the government, not sure if you will get some discount from US Gov
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