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I gave you what you wanted, and you rejected it out of hand, because of your OPINION?
In that case no answer will satisfy you.
Are you just a troll looking to start something?
If you don't believe someone who has a Masters in engineering then go to the source.
Read the white paper on your drivetrain.
You seem to be obsessed over something that is so trivial.
Maybe if you were buying a large fleet of Ionics your concern would be valid.
But you're not.
Just buy cheap gas and stop worrying over a few bucks.
You appear to be the one with a blown gasket over someone asking questions. If I had access to white papers as you suggest, I would take a peek. I don't assume accuracy of random internet people, especially those who have 4 posts related to a single issue.

I do not believe there is a 12% difference in peak power in the Ioniq between the recommended octane and 92, but I'm willing to be wrong. I also don't believe it takes 60 horsepower to propel the Ioniq at steady cruising speed at 75 MPH, but again, I'm willing to be wrong. I don't think I am though because 60 HP is 45 kW of power. That would translate to 1.66 miles per kWh at 75 MPH. I'd expect a full sized truck to be that inefficient.

I have no degrees in anything, but did go to prison once.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts