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2022 Hyundai IONIQ 5, Preferred Long Range RWD, 77.4 kWH, Phantom Black
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Thanks so much for this! so much detail!. I have the trailer hitch wiring installed so I guess I would have to combine the two into a single grommet or whatever if going for the foot sensor. the rest looks reasonable given enough patience, If i managed the Hitch install and the harness that went with it im sure i could get this working!

Any regrets re the kit? I assume if all went to **** this is all reversable stuff anyway
This is much easier than full hitch install and is fully reversible. Worst case you just need to disconnect power to control box and put back manual struts and leave all the wiring if you don't want it.

I am glad to have at least a powerlift gate and foot sensor as a bonus.
One disadvantage of foot sensor if you leave car unlocked the foot sensor/OEM tailgate button is active, therefore if you power wash your car at the rear bumper it can trigger to open thinking you swiped your foot. To avoid this lock car and not have key fob near trunk when washing vehicle.

But I believe the foot sensor method is better than Hyundai OEM method of standing near the trunk area can easily false trigger to open when you don't want it to.
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