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Digital Teal Ioniq 5 SEL AWD
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I have just returned from dealer because i was scheduling for 2 firmware updates :


Update SCU control unit, IONIQ 5 (NE EV)
Valid until: 12/31/9999
Campaign code: 21D064

service actions

Update tailgate module (CDM) control unit, IONIQ (NE EV)

Valid until: 03/23/2024
Campaign code: 20D014

I also asked about battery preconditioning and i got the answer by phone. So dealer contacted hyundai and the response was:

The battery preconditionning will come as infotainment navigation update in octomber. If the car have the required hardware it will enable preconditioning when navigating to DC charging station (on route).

I hope that it means if my car model 2022, is heating baterry after connected to DC (verified via OBDII car scanner) it is also eligible for this update and it can then trigger on route.

When did you receive your Ioniq 5?

Super frustrating that they'd say this can't be done, **** i'd be willing to pay $3k for the ability to have on route preconditioing, since charging speeds will be absolutely glacial at -30 degrees f.
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