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NAF (Norwegian Automobile Association) thinks it's time for new signs along the road.

In a survey conducted by NAF, less than two percent of motorists report that they use signage along the road as a source for finding charging stations. It's no wonder when there is insufficient signage. When the charging companies apply for signage, the Road Administration responds, among other things, that electricians use apps when navigating for charging stations.

- It's dangerous to use an app if you're alone in the car. This avoids signage, says Nils Sødal.

Another argument for not separating charging stations is that the sign racks are full. Buskerud county municipality is now conducting a review of the priority priority. It is a review that several could do.

"With more and more electric cars and the goals set, signage for charging stations must be prioritized," concludes Nils Sødal.
Link: (translated)
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