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Hello everyone ... very attentive to the sector VE, I take the case of the registration ...
I have driven quite a few thermal vehicles for more than 22 years!
I booked a possible purchase of the Tesla Model 3 ... today the S model is not compatible with my finances.

Today I plan to switch to an EV until the spring of 2018.
I hesitate between a Leaf and the Ioniq ...
This VE will be my only vehicle for a family of 4 people ...
I look for the novelty but the network Combo 2 is not as "powerful" as that of Chamedo ...

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Hi Bafien67

Welcome to the forum,

you should be very please with the Ioniq, I know I am with my hybrid version.

it is large enough for 4 adults and luggage or family of 2adults + 2 children, the pull down section of the rear seat has cup holders for drinks and children can use it for books and toy on a long journey

did you test drive the Ioniq before ordering?

if yes what did you like / dislike bout it?
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