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Ioniq 5 Ultimate RWD 72.6kWh + tech + eco [MY22.5]
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I already have Blue Link for My Ioniq 28. I hope, when the I5 is powered up at Port to load or move, I should be able to track it (they go to sleep after a few days). I am so happy. This will keep me amused while I impatiently wait for the car to arrive at the a few weeks or sooner. Plugging in stuff to my V2L is getting boring as nothing is happening unless I spin the fan with my fingers......

Now a 24 hour wait to enable services……

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Maybe a silly question but by doing so doesn't that mean they're eating into your 3 years free Bluelink before you've even got the car?

Congrats btw, enjoy your new car in the very near future! 👏🏼
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