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Source: 2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid and EV First Test Review

I didn't get the impression Motor Trend did any test drives to validate the Ioniq metrics but wrote more about their driving impressions. Surprising, the author starts the article:

Probably the worst decision I’ve ever made in reviewing cars was a comparison test about eight years ago. We paired a Toyota Prius against the then-new second-generation Honda Insight, and I was tied in knots struggling to rationalize which to pick. Finally, the lizard-eyed managing editor demanded the copy, so I put my fingers on the keyboard and started typing. Something. Anything. I panicked. It turned out to be the stupidest conclusion of my entire life:

“(The Insight) is the first hybrid that’s simultaneously within the reach of just about every pocketbook and also a solid business proposition for its builder … delivering nearly identical mileage as the current Prius at about 85 percent of the price. … It’s a milestone that can’t go unnoticed.”
A Prius Prime owner, even I thought this was a curious way to start a review.

On a positive note, he explains why the Ioniq Blue has such a huge sub-deck under the rear hatch ... to hold the planned battery for the EV version.

Bob Wilson
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