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Subscribe to Drive a New Hyundai? - Rosen Hyundai

2017 is going to be a very innovative year for Hyundai. That is to say, not only is the automaker launching its first electric vehicle platform, but they are even starting to re-invent the way we look at vehicle ownership altogether. In other words, Hyundai recently announced its plans to offer a subscription-based approach to ownership with regard to its new Hyundai Ioniq.
Obviously, this is a huge step with regard to vehicle ownership, and one that Hyundai is describing as a “hassle free” experience. Of course, you are probably wondering how this all would work. Well, Hyundai has noted that it will work with customers in order to allow them to select a vehicle online from an inventory provided by a dealer near them and sign up for a 24- or 36-month term. Customers are then allowed to preview their all-inclusive monthly payment while they are online and, once you complete the necessary credit application and warrant approval, customers are then told to head on over to their local dealership to complete the purchase of their Hyundai vehicle. It really sounds extremely simple, and if Hyundai can come through, it honestly looks to be a dream come true.
As far as what features will come with such a subscription service, Hyundai offers the following with regard to their 2017 Ioniq, known right now as the Ioniq Unlimited package: the cost of charging the battery-electric vehicle, unlimited mileage, scheduled maintenance, wear items, registration, and other purchase fees, all of which will be included within the subscription price. This is pretty amazing news seeing as the 2017 Ioniq Electric is said by the EPA to provide 124 miles of range, which is certainly nothing to shake a stick at.
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