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Hi All,
Just got myself a set of 4 weathershields for the Plugin.
2 reasons;
1) so we can drive around with the windows cracked to avoid running the motor.
2) coz they look pretty nifty.

Couldn't bring myself to stump up the $260 ozzie dealer price but saw them on eBay for $80 so thought was worth a punt. Had the option of shiny bling or dark plastic. I'm not a rapper so dark it is.
Must say I am a bit concerned that all that holds them on is a thin strip of double sided tape. At least the box says that they were made in Korea and the tape says 3M so there is some hope of quality. So I will be as flash as a rat with a gold tooth until they start falling off....
IMG_20191031_112947.jpg IMG_20191031_113003.jpg
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