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Hyundai has recently released the 2017 Ioniq Electric and MotoManTv had a chance to test drive one through the California countryside.

Before we get into how it drives, let’s take a look at the cabin which uses some unique and ecofriendly materials. 25 percent of the cabin’s soft-touch surfaces are made of sugar cane extract and sugar cane can also be found in the car’s headliner and carpet fabrics too. The plastic bits are made of recycled materials in combination with powdered wood and volcanic rock. Even the paint is partially made of soybean oil.

Also new is the Ioniq’s lightweight componenets, not only was the body hit with weight saving technology, so was the motor. If engineers could reduce the thickness or size of some of the motor’s components then they can reduce the weight.

By no means is the Ioniq EV a sports car so drivers won’t experience the neck snapping torque that other electric has. When put into Sport mode, the Ioniq is a bit quicker and more fun to drive even if the driving dynamics aren’t affected. There’s even a little bit of wheel spin that’s kept in check by the computers.

With a single propulsion system, there was no lean when he took it into an ‘S’ turn and it feels like a more balanced vehicle compared to the hybrid which uses a two propulsion system. He would definitely rock it as a daily drive with a sun roof.

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