For Sale a set (4 tires) of 1 year old Michelin Primacy All Seasons. Good for 3 seasons, M+S rated (not 3 peak)

These have come off my Hyundai Ioniq 5 as I have switched to all weather tires needed for better snow performance

These are $365 brand new so your looking at well over $1600 with tax - good deal at $600 with 80% of there life left.

These tires. comes new with 8.5 32nds, see picture which shows they all still have around 7 32nds left (7/32) - thats 80% ish of tread ware still available. They are one year old with 16K on them - they come with a 90K warranty so lots of driving on these left.

Great for EV's - have foam inserts for sound damping and are designed for highly efficient driving. No repairs, No issues with them.