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I’m amazed people have put any faith in WLTP figures and not researched the real world range! Furthermore as with any other vehicle range will always drop off at this time of year.
Driving style, particularly with a car lacking aero dynamics, and an ev, will also play a heavy role. Speeds in excess of 65mph kill range.
Im sure in summer months an average of 240 miles will be easily achievable, that being the case 200- 220 at this time of year would be my expectation before I committed to ordering. Having researched before that nothing have read here comes as a particular surprise to me. I’ve got a BMW i3 which shows a range of 10-15% less in winter than summer - about comparable.
And just wait until you see what the torque/acceleration/weight and driving style does to tyre wear but that’s for discussion in about 12 months time 😂!
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