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Hi Ioniqer's

In response to several questions I figured out where to find nice POI's, what format you need and how to import them in your SatNav as personal POI.

Nice FREE POI's from over the entire world are provided at POIplaza | Free Points of Interests (POI) for iGO, Garmin, Sygic, TomTom and other popular navigation systems.. Don't need to register

F.i I found some EV charging stations in Holland (although I don't need them with my Hybrid ;))
POIplaza | Electric Car Charging Location (Snellaadpunt).

I imagine they also provide such stations in US or UK.
You can filter on country or category.
Select fileformat Garmin-GPX. Google Earth-KML is also an option, i did not try that.
Unzip the files on your computer and put them on your usb stick
Then import as personal POI in your Ioniq satnav. Optionally you can rename the file.
After import open the file and separate POI's can be selected as destination.
And then your on your own to find it. Lets Go!
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