I sold my Ioniq 5 and now have some new and nearly new items that are of no use to me. Would ideally like to sell local in Winnipeg, Manitoba but probably would ship within Canada, the cost of shipping would be additional. Prices are in Canadian $, EMT would be the preferred payment method

I have 3 month old the front Hyundai OEM premium all weather mats bought from Hyundai dealer , in like new shape. $175.

A brand new in an unopened box, an EnelX Juicebox 48 hardwired "charger" EVSE. $900. These are very nice WIFI enabled units, great for keeping detailed records of charging cost. I bought 2 of these with the intention to load share 2 EVs off of one circuit. The second EV never happened.

A basically new unused North American spec V2L adapter that I bought from my Hyundai dealer (not Korean import that does not have appropriate grounding)
now Sold, thank you Tom