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When I tried to update the system the screen got frozen on this message

Unfortunately it is impossible to give you accurate help without knowing your location and model details. this is an international forum and there are many variations in regions and model specs. Please add your location to your user profile under Tools - CP [user profile] and your model details to your signature, as I and others have done.
Also the picture you attached is out of focus and unreadable. A better picture and more details of exactly what you were doing would help, e.g. software version, and where you obtained it from.;)

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Sorry I can't read the notice on the pic . Can you post a larger picture or tell us the what the message says ?

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This is why you should always let the dealer upgrade the firmware or software...

I ALWAYS do. They serve nice, FREE, coffee at my local Hyundai dealer and very nice Pannini's at 拢2.50 (half the price of the cafes locally!), and also charge the battery free of charge, so it costs me nothing to get there and back...
less stress AND cheaper (and FREE) coffee!? What's not to like!!!

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my car shipped from korea
All Ioniqs are manufactured and shipped from Korea. But that does not mean they are all alike.

Different lots are manufactured for specific countries, as each country has it's own specifications and features to be in line with each country's automotive legislation.

The type of infotainment system you have in your car depends on the market it is sold in as well as the specific trim level you chose within the specific market.

We have heard from other owners on this forum that while the majority of countries ship with a version of Hyundai's proprietary infotainment system (with either a 4", 7" or 8" screen鈥4" generally does not support AA or CarPlay and only 8" generally has built-in navigation), there are some countries to which the Ioniq is shipped with a 3rd party infotainment system, as @bluecar1 indicated. There are other various regional differences as well, but we'll stick to the infotainment system for this thread.

For this reason, in order to help you, we need to know what country you are in and what trim level of the car you purchased. Ideally, if you can add your location under Edit Your Details in the User CP (upper right corner) and your trim and drivetrain info to your signature, people can help give you the best advice and responses to any of your questions.
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