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(LEAD) Hyundai Motor unveils new Ioniq plug-in hybrid in S. Korea

SEOUL, Feb. 27 (Yonhap) -- Top South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor Co. unveiled the Ioniq plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) here Monday, completing its lineup of Ioniq cars.
The new plug-in hybrid is the last and third version of the Ioniq, which was first introduced in the country early last year.
Previously, the car was available only in hybrid or full electric versions.
The Hyundai Ioniq PHEV (Photo courtesy of Hyundai Motor)
"With today's launch of the Ioniq PHEV, Hyundai Motor now has a full lineup of the green car," a company official said.
The PHEV uses both an internal combustion engine and rechargeable batteries to provide a maximum driving range of over 900 kilometers, with an average fuel economy of 20.5 kmpl, the highest among PHEV cars currently available in South Korea.
The latest trim of the Ioniq car also comes with various driving and safety features, including a lane keeping assist system and the autonomous emergency braking system.
The complete line-up of the Hyundai Ioniq. They are (from left), the Ioniq Hybrid, the Ioniq EV and the Ioniq PHEV. (Photo courtesy of Hyundai Motor)
The car has a price range of between 32.3 million won and 34.1 million won (US$28,510-$30,099).
Hyundai Motor officials, however, said the new green car is eligible for a 5 million-won government subsidy, making it the only PHEV currently available under the final consumer price of 30 million won

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No luck in finding PHEV specs or build on Hyundai Korea website. I did notice that it showed a $6,000 US price delta between the hybrid Sonata and the PHEV ($28,000 versus $34,000). If the Ioniq price differential is similar, then it will only be economically beneficial for a very small number of buyers.
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