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Hello all!

I just purchased a new Ioniq Hybrid Blue in Summit Gray this past weekend here in Southern California! The Blue's had just been delivered Friday so I had to wait for them to inspect it, etc. Didn't matter because it was love at first (MPG) sight. I'm coming from a VW TDI which I can't WAIT to get rid of! Admittedly, I will miss driving a manual; I'm thinking it'll be the last stickshift I ever own. Such heartbreak and betrayal from the VW Group! ;'(

I'm pretty excited about my new Ioniq. MPG, responsiveness. I almost went with a used Prius, but I loved the quasi-normalcy of the Ioniq's driving experience. I think the transition from a TDI to an Ioniq will be a smooth step in the right direction... Until I become a homeowner or can afford an EV, the Ioniq hybrid will be the closest thing to an apology for all the extra pollution I unknowingly released into the environment :crying: **** you, VW. Also, Hyundai don't let me down! :p

I ended up going with the Blue trim over the higher trim levels since they get slightly better MPGs for a lower cost, and I was satisfied enough with the standard equipment on the base model. It didn't occur to me until after the fact that I could've been driving a blue Blue... :D I'm enjoying my Summit Gray though!

Excited to be a part of this community!
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