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Hi everyone!

I've been following the Canadian posts closely in my quest for a new vehicle.

Looking to get a more fuel efficient car over my wife's 4wd Matrix. My car is a prius with 430000km on it that i use for work. Honestly, I would buy another prius if they didn't make them so ugly! So now I'm down to comparing an Ioniq Hybrid SE and Chevy Volt.

The styling of both the interior/exterior of the IONIQ really appeal to us, but the 85km range of the volt would probably have us saving more money in the long run as wifey's commute to work is 60km round trip. We drive a fair amount (40 to 50 000km per year). However the volt is not quite as roomy as the Ioniq. It's too bad we can't blend the two together! From what I read, the Ioniq Plug In only goes about 40km on a charge, so there's some savings there as long as the price doesn't go over our budget.

I would like to get the Ioniq Electric SE however i have concerns about the degrading of the battery as I plan to keep this next car for 15 years hopefully.

Going this saturday for a test drive of the hybrid and electric and will hopefully reach a conclusion on what the next car is for us!
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