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I am probably going to do a proper write up on this somewhere else but here is a summary after owning an EV for 7 weeks and having solar panels for 5 months.

(I will preface this that I think the small reductions we make individually matter and if we put our hands up saying its to hard or its the big polluters that need to do it or our 1% doesn't make a difference. It is the the human induced increase in emissions (a small amount) that has tipped the carbon cycle (a large amount) out of balance. That debate is for another thread)

I sold this to my partner as a whole package of 'Going Electric' to help reduce our carbon footprint. Getting solar is a no brainer in Australia but I included this as part of the change to justify the high cost of an EV here.

I have been tracking the carbon footprint of our energy usage for a while and did some projections on savings both via cost and emissions. Tracking our food miles is a seperate discussion and I know that not owning a car would save even more CO2. The point is to see how much we can do without changing our lifestyle dramatically and what that would cost us financially.

The plan was to
  • Install Solar.
  • Buy an EV.
  • Go down to one car.
  • Reduce our Gas usage.
In doing these things I predicted we would make a saving of around $4000 a year on Energy and Car related cost and halve our CO2 emissions which would be further offset by excess solar we exported (more on this later) . Could we have continued as we were and just offset these by paying for planting trees or purchasing green power plans, of course but we wouldn't actually reduce our emissions plus we can still do these things.

We were going to not rush into this, maybe wait until prices came down a bit. Not holding our breath on any government incentives. What triggered the purchase really was the bushfires here in Australia over the summer. Factors helping were very low interest rates and the Mazda needing a new clutch as well as being 15 years old.

We decided we couldn't continue as we were, did the sums, asked for and received a raise at work and took the plunge and ordered in January. Covid came but we were still able to take delivery in May
So after seven weeks of ownership I now have some figures to do some projections.

Savings in $AU per year
Proj. Solar Savings $ 1,198
Proj. Car Savings $ 2,282
Sell Second Car $ 1,702
Proj. Gas Savings $ 712
Total Yearly Savings $ 5,894

I'm trying not to double count savings here. i.e. using more electricity for heating while on solar which triggers a saving in my calcs while banking the saving again on using less gas for heating. Same for charging from solar and not spending money on petrol.

Solar - Difference in cost vs what the same consumption would cost without having solar.
Car - Reduction in costs for running, insuring and servicing. Not counting any major fixes which totalled $3500 in the past 5 years
Sell - This is what it costs to have our second car and drive it 2600km. Registration, Insurance, Roadside assistance yearly service. Not counting any major fixes. i.e. Suspension dangerous, aircon borked etc, that should be done. Will probably sell at the end of the year.
Gas - Reduction in Gas usage to heat our house in winter. Very mild winter helping with this. average June daytime temp is 21.5C

Thats actually better than expected.

Purchase over 5 Years
Total Cost $ 71,700
Car Value Yr 5 $ 25,000
Cost per Year $ 9,340
Cost per Year with Savings $ 3,446
Cost per Month $ 287

Total Cost - Included Car, Charging Infrastructure, Solar Install, Tree Management and Finance costs.
Car Value - Who knows how much a $57k (with taxes) EV will be worth in 5 years having done 100,000kms. Taking a stab here and low balling. Really depends on market for new EV's at the time. I don't think they will reduce that much here in Australia
Cost per Year - Cost per year if we sell the car. Likely hold onto it, maybe we'll trade up at the time.
Cost per Year with Savings - Take away our sweet savings
Cost per Month - Obviously its costing us more to purchase the car but this is the cost to us for Going Electric split between two people which we are willing to make and we get to drive around in the fantastic Ioniq.

Emissions Impact


This is the impact of doing all this on our emissions, yes we are increasing this year.
2016-2016 are measured from utilities and driving 18000km a year in our old cars.

I have not forgot that creating EV batteries is emissions intensive and this calc is worked on the basis of 106kg per 1kWh of battery (I've lost the link to this research but it was current for this year). This will be made back within 3 years given we will be going from 4t to 1.6t (worst case) 'tailpipe' emissions. The grid here is only 10% renewable but gets up to 30% during the day with rooftop solar. EV Electricity can only get better as the grid improves whereas an ICE car is stuck and likely get worse with age.

EV charging from the Grid is based on our current stats of 23% charging via solar which should go up after winter time. We are finding it hard to slot in during sun hours at the moment amongst normal life. Will be better in summer.

Lastly Solar Export, we received a cost reduction on the price by way of selling 'Certificates'. These certificates can be bought by polluters to offset any emissions issues they may have so I am not counting the first 10 years, which is how long they last, of solar exports as any offset but ameliorate the last 10 over the entire life. I probably should do over 25years as they are guaranteed that long. I will also work out the emissions going into making our solar system.

We are getting close to Net Zero Emissions so the next step will be home batteries. Currently analysing our usage, Winter looks like a problem with some days not getting enough to charge the usage needed for the night. Using Car as a home battery like proposed for the Leaf looks like a good idea on the surface but I'm not sure how practical that would be plus the constant cycling for the its health.

I am making an application to automate the collection of all this data so I'll track how I'm going over time.

Hopefully this is of interest to people.

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Thankyou @SleeperPService for a well researched and comprehensive report on the merits of going EV. You are bang on the mark when you say "It is the the human induced increase in emissions (a small amount) that has tipped the carbon cycle (a large amount) out of balance." and I totally agree. We ALL have a moral responsability for doing our "small" bit to ensure the continued health of the planet we live on. Unfortunately putting your report on this forum is, to a certain extent, preaching to the converted. It would be of great value if it could be read and absorbed by everybody, polititions included. The benefits to the wallet and the enviroment are plain to see.

I concur with your findings and am reaping similar benefits from running the house and car almost totally from PV/solar power and thus also achieving near to net zero emmissions.

Keep up the good work.;)
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