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This previous post shows the 12V B+ schematics. Because there has been so much discussion about the Charge door system being part of phantom draw, here we follow some of the lower level schematics below the 12V B+ schematics of the previous post for the Charge door motor. There may be more paths, but here is a first one.

Actually, let's copy the Page 3 B+ drawing here, so they are all together in one post. The path to follow is from B+4 in the lower right to the ICU junction block on schematic SD110-6.
Rectangle Slope Font Line Parallel

Here is SD110-6. Now follow from 2nd from top left, IG3 to IG3 8 (10A fuse) right side of this schematic, then onto page SD120-13
Rectangle Slope Font Parallel Pattern

Here is SD120-13. Right side is "CDM" at connector F24-A, that is the charge port door module (CDM), and note how it is powered by the 10A fuse IG3 8.
Rectangle Slope Font Parallel Pattern

Here is the connector F24-A which appears to plug into F24-B:
Font Triangle Terrestrial plant Diagram Slope
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