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I took my I5 on a 250-mile roundtrip this weekend to the Washington DC area from NJ. I'd looked at EA locations in that area, but found that the charger installation at 10000 Falls Road, Rockville, MD was near the event location.

FWIW, I've had some troubles with some EA locations near my home in South Jersey, but this place in Rockville was the exact opposite. Clean, technically-competent, completely reliable and fault-free...these are my comments about the place. Here are some photos of the installation with four 150KW charges (no 350 and no CHAdeMO). An electric Porsche Targa arrived at the same time as my I5 and we both left within twenty minutes. Each of the four chargers had both a pad for using a credit card, and a NFC pad for authorization by iPhone or Android.

See photos:

Font Gas Rectangle Technology Grille

Plant Sky Property Car Tree

Plant Tree Electricity Woody plant Gas

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Sky
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