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So i had a thought.

In form of kWh and efficiensy.
The ioniq EV, is class leading.

But how effisient are EV compaired to Petrol?

So i had to check the numbers... _kWh/100km

1 liter of Petrol = 9,1kWh energy
A petrol car does say 0,5liter pr 10km x10 = 5liter = 45,5kWh / 100km
Ioniq does 15kWh pr 100km...
= EVs uses equivalent with 1,65liters pr 100km of petrol.

EVs (Ioniq) are 3 times more energy efficient...

Seeing how fossil cars give out massive amounts of heat just under bonnet and exhaust, its a part of the explanation, but the difference is massive... (+mechanical losses)
OFC the dinosaur-burners have also had 100+ years to get the most out of the fuel, but they just cant get any lower.

Is the numbers right?

3 times more efficient
0 emission (hydro/solar/wind in my country)
4 times as cheap to run (kWh price)

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The US EPA uses a mpg-e which compares the energy of a US gallon to how far you can go on the same measure of electric energy. Relative examples include 89 to 101 for various Tesla model, 112 for the Leaf, and current champion Ioniq at 136 mpg-e.

There! The math is already done. Of course, those numbers are generated by optimal driving conditions and are not as good with wind, varying terrain, temperature, and driving style. But based just on those above numbers, it appears you are in the right ballpark at about three times the efficiency of ICE.

Mind you, the debate on how to compare differently fueled vehicles is never ending. Ignoring the big topic of how the electricity was originally produced and the greenhouse warming effects of production, you also have transmission losses to consider that are not insignificant. Transmission losses from the power plant to your house is on the order of 8 to 10 percent. Another 10 - 12 percent is lost in the conversion of supplied AC power to DC power to charge your batteries.

Nothing is simple! But it is probably fair to say with relatively green sources of electricity, the world is a better place with EVs and PHEVs versus straight ICE.
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