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Hi folks,
I just made my first long journey of 400 miles from near Edinburgh to Cambridge which was a nightmare.
I wanted to alert our community that the charging points in England vary in supplier and payment methods.
I had so many problems as I assumed that I could just pay by CC but this isn't the case.
I had to register with ecotricity which was a problem as I had no wifi at this service point and my 4G didn't seem to work. I managed to set up the account by telephoning which took quite a long time and then I found out that they have no telephone service after 7pm which gave me a problem as the next station didn't work.
I then found Polar which is owned by BP. Again the same set up issues. I ended up using Polar instant which is effectively a prepaid so you need to load it with some cash and then you can use their charger point.
I have set up Zap map which is quite good as one can specify rapid chargers only.
My final comment is that one needs to expect that the charging point may not always be free so you need to allow plenty of time.
My return trip was much easier but still pretty slow and a bit stressful.
Lesson learnt from this trip is one needs to pre plan and expect delays.
Ecotricity needs to up its game as I have 24/7 cover from Chargepoint which is a terrific service. I company that closes its phones down at 7pm needs a good shake up
Hope that this helps everyone who is thinking about leaving their own area
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