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The most disturbing aspect of these new numbers, especially for those hoping for an all-electric future, is the lack of a linear relationship between subsidy and sales, consumers seemingly only responding to all or nothing funding.

First month figures (note: Quebec & BC both have provincial incentives on top of the federal incentive):

Quebec: 1,998
British Columbia: 1,295
Ontario: 176
Alberta: 10
Nova Scotia: 10
Manitoba: 8
New Brunswick: 4
Saskatchewan: 3
Prince Edward Island: 2

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The Canadian federal incentive was welcome. In Quebec I was able to get:
5000$ federal
8000$ providential
350$ providential for the charger
250$ providential for the charger installation
+350$ for the charger from my electricity COOP
+250$ for the charger installation from my electricity COOP
+Toll bridges are free but you need to go and get the transceiver

I guess it is normal because Quebec producing allot of hydroelectricity, might as well use it.

Note. Most of the peoples in Quebec buy there electricity from Hydro-Quebec Distribution because all electric companies were nationalized with the exception of 9 municipal distribution networks and one COOP.
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