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Bookmarked PDF Owner's Manual & Infotainment Manual

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EDIT: The PDF has been greatly improved and the original one is replaced below. See post #9 below for full details.
I have the USA Ioniq 5 Owner’s Manual PDF from:

It’s useful for doing searches using a PDF viewer, but there are no bookmarks or links in the PDF file itself, which greatly reduces usability. So, I added bookmarks and links. The revised PDF is included in this post as an attachment.

This shows the bookmarks on the left side and an example of a link on the right side. When you move your mouse pointer over a link, the pointer turns into a hand with a raised index finger. See the text on the right side “Foreword / Starting your Electric Vehicle” for the index finger. Note that the main table of contents (TOC) lists 9 chapters and each chapter has its own TOC. The Index at the bottom of the TOC (right side) is in the printed manual but not in the PDF manual. On page 1 of the PDF, the top ¼ of the page is a link to the main TOC.

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Everything a bookmark can get to, a link can also get to, and vice-versa. However, I did not add all the bookmarks/links that were possible when going down the hierarchy. For example, in the following image, you can use bookmarks or links to get to “Instrument Cluster Control” but not to “Instrument panel illumination”. Adding all the bookmarks and links would have been a lot of work, but not much more useful in my opinion.

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@erewhon This is a HUGE improvement for the usability of the manual. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
I noticed the bookmarked version is missing the index, but it's 3% the size of the other soft copy of the manual I have. I'll happily take that tradeoff.
I noticed the bookmarked version is missing the index, but it's 3% the size of the other soft copy of the manual I have. I'll happily take that tradeoff.
I wondered why one version that I have of the PDF manual is so large. I checked and the PDF with the index pages is huge, but there is no capability to do anything with the index. Puzzling!
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Fantastic. THANK YOU for providing it. It is a real time saver....

Now, is there a kind soul out there who can find a PDF version of the INFOTAINMENT manual? Please?
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Reactions: 1 there a kind soul out there who can find a PDF version of the INFOTAINMENT manual? Please?
The only PDF Infotainment manual I have been able to find is the following one. It is similar to the hard-copy one that came with my Ioniq 5, but there are obvious differences, and both manuals are somewhat generic and are clearly adapted from a non Ioniq 5 source. Can anyone find a better PDF version? Alternatively, is the PDF version linked to below acceptable?

Here is the PDF Infotainment manual.

As noted in post #6 above, there does not seem to be a PDF version of the hard-copy Ioniq 5 manual. Instead, only a generic PDF seems available, applicable to Infotainment on a range of Hyundai vehicles.

There are both bookmarks and links in the attached PDF file, and I think that the information and tools for moving through the file will be useful.

EDIT: The Infotainment PDF attachment (below) has been updated. After using the PDF extensively, I found that I wanted to add more navigation features. It should now be quite usable on a tablet touch-screen device. Similar changes will be made to the Owner’s Manual PDF, but that will take a while since the Owner’s Manual is quite long.

The main Infotainment changes…

(1) Mostly cosmetic – the first two pages were twice the size of the other pages. That has been changed. For example...
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(2) On all pages, the upper left has a link that will take you to the first page of the Contents. For example...
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(3) For all pages that can be reached from a link in Contents, the upper right has a link that will take you back to the corresponding page in Contents. For example...
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(4) Finally (this was actually present before), the Index has links from the page number of each entry back into the manual. For example, in the Index, clicking on page 1-3 by “SETUP button” takes you to the page with “SETUP button” information.
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I have made major improvements to the bookmarked and linked Owner’s Manual PDF file available in post #1. The improved PDF has replaced the original one in post #1. After using the previously posted PDF, I realized that it could use some improvements.

There is now an active index. The bookmarks (1) can take you to an alphabetically ordered page in the index (2). From the index page, you can link back into the manual. Note that you need to click on the page number at the right of the index page (3), rather than the text at the left of the index page, since there may be multiple page links for a given index text entry.

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Every chapter table of contents (TOC) is now fully linked, all the way down the hierarchy. For example, clicking on the text “Instrument Cluster” (1) or “Instrument Cluster Control” (2) or “Instrument panel illumination” (3) will all take you to the appropriate page. Before, links were not available at every level of the hierarchy. (Note that, unlike the active index, you click on the text to the left rather than the page number to the right.). Basically, any link in the bookmarks on the left can be reached by a link in the chapter TOC on the right, and vice versa.

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Clicking on the top left corner (1) of any page will take you to the top level table of contents, where you can see the links to 9 chapters and the Index. Each chapter page (2) has a link to the chapter TOC. From the chapter TOC you can go to pages within the chapter (3). Clicking on the top right corner (4) of any page within a chapter will take you back to the chapter TOC page that links to that page within the chapter. (There are no comparable top right corner links in the index pages, since that idea does not make any sense.)
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Interestingly, I came across a few formatting errors and misspelled words in the Hyundai documents, and I fixed those. The PDF manual and the hard-copy manual that came with the Ioniq 5 are not exactly the same, but are very close.
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