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This thread is a list of abbreviations and useful information and conversions

I will tidy the thread up so as to keep it concise and the information easy to access for new people without things going off topic


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Electric model specific Abbreviations
BEV = Battery Electric Vehicle
EV = Electric Vehicle
VESS = Virtual Engine Sound System
AER - All Electric Range

CCS = Combined Charging System 200-450volts DC up to 90kW
HCU - Home Charging Unit
EVSE - Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

AC = Alternating Current
DC = Direct Current
Kw = Kilowatts (1 kW = 1000 watt)
Kwh = Kilowatt-hours

Hybrid model specific Abbreviations
ICE = internal combustion engine (petrol or diesel engine)
HEV = Hybrid Electrical Vehicle

Plug in hybrid model specific Abbreviations
PHEV = Plug-in Hybrid Electrical Vehicle

General abbreviations
LKAS = Lane Keeping Assistance
CC = Cruise Control
SCC = Smart Cruise Control
ACC = Advanced Cruise Control (used in some markets instead of SCC)
ADS = Automatic Demist System (front screen)

hybrid = vehicle with a petrol / diesel engine and an electric motor
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