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2023 Ioniq 5 AWD LTD battery preconditioning not functioning

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So I have read all the tutorials and watched all the videos several times and can not get the battery preconditioning to function. I saw that one of the video posters on YouTube, Wrenching Fool, showed that Hyundai admits there were cars which were given bad software, but there was never any public acknowledgement(TSB), just the document issued to dealers.
The question is if Hyundai doesn't acknowledge there's a problem, why would my dealership try to fixt it. They have repeatedly told me "Hyundai says you're up to date" when the problem as described in the video, is that the latest fix(event 913) has to be applied in sequence after the previous fix(event 892) or you have a problem. Any thoughts on next steps?

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Having watched all the videos I noted the temperature was 48F- the battery was cold, the destination was an EA DC fast charging station, chosen from the native nav system. The distance to it was under 30 miles, and 30 minutes, there was 38% state of charge. by every videos "requirements" it should have worked.
This sounds like it should be working, but a couple of things to narrow it down.
Double check that the option is selected, sometimes it turns itself off.
Try another DCFC. I’m assuming you’re selected from the POI categories, not manually entering the location.
If that fails, pick up a OB2 dongle (that works with your phone :/ ) and double check your minimum and maximum cell temps, as well as the battery heater temperature. If the cell temp is close to 70° it may not activate
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