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Had my 2017 IONIQ SE with CCP for a year (28000km) and I've had the opportunity to drive a 2018 Model S 75D for the last 6 weeks (1500km). While we all know the Teslas have a lot of great features and are fantastic cars. There are few things that I like better in the IONIQ.

In no particular order.

- Efficiency. Right now I'm getting about 6.7 km/kwh (15 kwh/100km or 150 wh/km) in the IONIQ and the Tesla is about 5.0 km/kwh (20 kwh/100km or 200 wh/km) This is to be expected based on the ratings and size/weight of the vehicles.
- "Eco mode" on the IONIQ. Even with the Model S on "Chill" and in "Range Mode" the accelerator is very sensitive. Definitely harder to drive economically in the Tesla.
- "Driver only" mode for the climate system on the IONIQ - Nice simple feature to not waste energy on the rest of the vehicle.
- Regeneration Paddles - Personally I love these (i know not everyone does). While you can adjust the regeneration on the Tesla between Normal and Low it isn't easily accessible and you can't adjust it to off if you want to coast. (Hypermilling). So you are forced to use the accelerator, which as I mentioned above is very sensitive and stiff.
- Battery Temperature Management. The IONIQ does this very well. To be fair I haven't looked into the Tesla system at all but the regeneration on the Tesla is often limited (by the computer) when the battery is cold and it takes a long time for it to warm up even on longer drives. It hasn't even gotten very cold here yet. I went to a supercharger with a cold battery and the charging speed was very limited until the battery warmed up. I have never run into that situation with the IONIQ and I always have full regeneration capabilities in the IONIQ. (i do not use pre-heating in either vehicle)
- USB music playback - IONIQ has no trouble playing back any mp3s where as the Tesla cannot play some tracks. From what i've read these maybe files that have been converted from apple, but that shouldn't matter, if they play on every other device except the Tesla. (yes i've tried different USB sticks)
- steering wheel heat and rear seat heat - buttons are easily accessible in the Ioniq whereas on the Tesla you must go into a couple different menus to access those features.

To be clear, I'm not trashing the Tesla it is a fantastic car. Just some observations.

Feel free to ask any questions
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