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Kelly Blue Book certainly thinks so when it comes to Hyundai’s latest battery-powered offering, the 2017 Ioniq Electric.

One of Hyundai’s three new electrified offerings, the full electric variant has only started appearing on California showroom floors with the other States to follow. Sure it may be a bit pricier than its hybrid sibling at $30,335 compared to $23,035, but the full electric model is eligible for rebates. The amount differs in every state and in California, new owners can get up to $10,000 in incentives, bringing the out-of-pocket price to just $20,335.

Not a bad price for sedan that’s quick to accelerate from a dead-stop whilst still giving passengers a smooth and silent ride. In fact, the Ioniq is so quiet at low speeds, Hyundai had to program the vehicle to produce artificial sounds for pedestrian safety and make it beep like a delivery truck when in reverse.

Then there’s the four levels of regenerative braking with rolling resistance progressively increasing with each level. The kinetic energy that was propelling it forward is then recaptured and used to recharge the car’s battery. This feature is controlled via two paddles on the side of the steering wheel column. After the initial learning curve, using them will become second nature. What’s also nifty is the programmable feature that allows you to set a regen level to each drive mode i.e. customize Level 2 as the standard in normal driving mode, Eco mode, etc.

The Chevy Bolt may win in range, but the Ioniq Electric is more affordable with a roomier cabin and you won’t see the customizable drive modes in its rival.
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