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Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Window

Someone please make these rear window louvers! This really completes the retro cyber punk vibe! Im tired of seeing all these cheap bottom of the barrel ebay level aftermarket products for the Ioniq 5. Someone needs to get serious and make real mods that dont feel like they would be found in the car section of the dollar store. 😒 if any of you call yourself real product upgrade/mod providers you would make products that have substance. Body kits like fender flares to get wider wheels, air bag suspension kits, rear tail light LED kit that allows you to make custom messages in the unused pixels, etc.. no one is being creative and/or doing real mods.. this Diaso level of mods available now for the Ioniq 5 is f'n pathetic 😑 step up your game aftermarket suppliers/manufacturers!
481 - 484 of 484 Posts