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  1. Hi from NSW Australia

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    I purchased our new Ioniq Electric after an eight month Electric vehicle evaluation process. It came down to three Vehicles Ioniq,Leaf and Tesla model 3. In the end after many road test we decided on the Ioniq. I have been in the Automotive industry for 45 years and hold master Tech status with...
  2. PHEV newbie from far north Finland

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    Hello y'all, I just got my new IONIQ 2020 last week and have been delighted with its technology and the car itself. The worse of living in such a north country is the cold weather in winter. From -5C to -20C. My expectation is to drive the car as much as possible on electricity and so use ICE...
  3. From Prius to Ioniq !

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    Hello everyone, Just an introductory post. Collected a used late 2017 Ioniq plug-in hybrid (Premium SE) yesterday, with only 11k miles on it. It's quite a story in itself in that we have been Prius owners for a fair few years - almost went for a 2016 Merc C350e as we had never heard of the...
  4. Soon to be owner

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    Signed the paperwork yesterday and picking up my 2017 Ioniq Hybrid Premium SE with 40k miles on Wednesday 21/08 and I cant wait! Trading in my 2017 i10 Premium which has served me well but as I now drive 76 miles a day just for work I wanted something safer, more powerful, more relaxing AND...