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  1. Hyundai IONIQ Electric (EV) ('17-'21)
    Hi everyone, I am working on an obd reader app and there is only one thing is missing. I can only read auxiliary battery voltage feom pid 2102 if the car is turned on or during charging. Is there any way to check aux voltage at all?
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi, Everyone. I joined a couple of years ago but just lurked around a bit before purchasing our 2019 Ioniq EV in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. Since then I've become a real fan of EVs, even buying a 2018 Zero SR 14.4. Selfishly I'm lurking around again because I want to put a hitch on on our...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, I just bought an Ioniq from September 2020 as my first EV. Happy that the charger points will charge 7.5 or 11 or 22 kw, I thought that I would have an easy charging experience. Today for the very first charge I went to some stations in my town and to my extreme shock I saw that...
  4. Hyundai IONIQ General Discussion
    Hello everyone, I'm currently in the market for a new car and I've been considering getting a Ioniq EV. One of my concern is that I live in Northern Canada, I don't have far to go, so I don't really mind about range, but how does it perform in cold/snow/icy environment grip/traction wise? -25c...
  5. Hyundai IONIQ Electric (EV) ('17-'21)
    My 2017 Hyundai Ioniq EV, started glitching in July of 2020, with 80,000 miles. When braking, the car would flash a MIL light “Check Air Flap” and “Electric System”. I got the car into service August 18, 2020. It’s been there since! When braking the lights would flash and the vehicle would go...
  6. Hyundai IONIQ Electric (EV) ('17-'21)
    Hey folks, I've been a happy owner of a 2019 Ioniq for exactly one year and my car has just developed a problem in the last couple weeks. In each case I've been driving over smooth road (my daily drive), typically not breaking, and the battery has been between 20-80%. What happens is a sudden...
1-6 of 6 Results