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  1. Ionic 2017 wireless charging with iphone 11 wont work?

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    Hello guys, just purchased used ionic 2017 premium car. ive tried to charge my iphone with the wireless charging pad and it dosent work.. my phone - iPhone 11 is qi charging available and nothing happnes.. i also checked if its on the user settings and its on.. anyone can help me please? im new...
  2. Check Hybrid System warning while driving - curious if anyone else has encountered this

    Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid
    I have a 2017 Blue Hybrid (I guess that's the right name for the edition), which I am currently leasing until September. I have been encountering an odd issue over the last few weeks. Occasionally when I'm driving, I'll get the "Check Hybrid System" warning, and then it'll say "Turn off...