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  1. Hyundai IONIQ Electric (EV)
    I'll start by saying I'm glad I don't live in a particularly cold place but it's all relative :D Over the last month or so I've been using the heater for the first time in my 2020 Premium BEV and found the auto operation to be just weird. I have the heater set at 23/24C and when I get in the...
  2. Hyundai IONIQ Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV)
    Hi - We are in the final stages between buying an Ioniq PHEV 19 vs a Prius Prime 20. It is hard to get good information as the dealers don't seem to know how the cars work very well. I think I like the Ioniq better, but they are close. Seems like the Ioniq is about 1200 cheaper and looks a...
1-2 of 2 Results