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  1. Hyundai IONIQ Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) ('17-'21)
    Called to schedule my 2018 Ioniq PHEV for its 37k service and was told by the dealership that they can't work on Ioniqs at this time. Huh? I do have another dealership nearby (that I really don't care for) that can do the scheduled maintenance, but was very confused by this. Calls into the...
  2. Hyundai IONIQ 5
    Hi all, Back in early January, I put down a deposit for a Black IONIQ5 Preferred RWD. Today, I got the disclosure report for how much things will cost and here's the damage: Notable issues: Extra $800 on the selling price (the MSRP from Hyundai is $51,199 + $200 for the black colour) BS...
  3. Hyundai IONIQ 5
    From Bengt Halvorson in Green Car Reports: Why it's easier to buy an EV6 than an Ioniq 5 A bit too much of repeating Kia talking points, but interesting to read nonetheless.
  4. Hyundai IONIQ 5
    Nothing Hyundai-specific, but, seeing as dealerships figure prominently in many discussions here, I thought these might be interesting to some: The Simplest Way To Sell EVs In America: Don’t Include Dealerships in CleanTechnica, by Johnna Crider, which references and amplifies: The Simplest Way...
  5. Hyundai IONIQ 5
    Instead of listing all the dealers with huge markups (important to call them out- I appreciate that) I’d find it more helpful to focus only on the dealers with little to no markup. That would help prospective buyers spend their money in the right place and support the dealers who deserve it...
  6. Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid ('17-'21)
    I wanted to share with you all my experience so far with my Ioniq Essential Blue - Hybrid. I like the car, but I do not like the dealership. I tried 3 on the GTA area and they are all the same so I assume is company policy. My first problem happened when the car was only a few months old. Only...
  7. Hyundai IONIQ 5
    Just went to Roseville Hyundai in California. They will not honor the $100 Hyundai deposit, want a $2,000 cash deposit, said there will be at least a $5,000 markup on the car and it will take 4 months to get one. Won’t be doing business here. Off to another dealer.
  8. Hyundai IONIQ General Discussion
    Looking to buy a new ioniq and curious what are some of the best deals received at a dealership so I know what kind of numbers I can shoot for and keep my expectations realistic.
  9. Hyundai IONIQ General Discussion
    Currently looking into getting an ioniq hybrid and cannot find anyone whom has reached 100k or more miles. Plenty of cases around 30k but then they trade in for a plug in version. Also what was the best deal received from the dealer for a brand new one. Used prices aren't far off from new , so...
1-9 of 9 Results