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  1. Hyundai IONIQ 5
    Hello all, So I've just had 2 very cold drives in my 2021 IONIQ5 73kwh Premium RWD and I've noticed the climate control seems to only be producing air temperature. It won't even pump chilled air out. This all happened the afternoon I had 2 small dents removed from the side of the car. I was...
  2. Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid ('17-'21)
    Hello everyone! First time posting here. :) I've been searching around a bit and can't find any information on this, so I figured I'd ask on the Ioniq forum to see if anybody knows. Does anyone know how to remove a 2017 Hyundai Ioniq Blue (HEV)'s climate control panel? The "fan increase"...
  3. Hyundai IONIQ Features and Equipment
    Hi All. Strange situation. Until the start of this winter, the "Auto" setting on the climate control of my 2018 HEV would display the fan speed, the "mode" (where the air was being directed), and would automatically go to DEFOG when necessary. All of a sudden, it is no longer doing that. No...
1-3 of 3 Results