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  1. Hyundai IONIQ General Discussion
    I just purchased a used 2020 ioniq ev with only 4,000 miles on it. After getting it home and charging it up to 100% I find out it only has 124 miles of range. Looking at the charger it says only about 20kWh, and I started the charge around 33%. The math falls right in line with this only having...
  2. Hyundai IONIQ 5
    I got my car 3 days ago and found the page pictured below. Does anyone know if this is the old, poorly functioning winter mode from early 2022's that I have read about, or is this the software that was changed for 2023. To be clear, my car is a 2022 model sold in Maine. Thanks
  3. Hyundai IONIQ Electric (EV) ('17-'21)
    My 2018 Hyundai IONIQ EV started making a very loud buzzing/clicking sound a few months back. The noise is not constant, last for a few seconds, and comes and goes in waves while the car is powered on. This sound occurs even while the car is in park. In addition, the car's auxiliary battery...
  4. Hyundai IONIQ 5
    Hello all, Not sure if anyone else has had this, but my Ioniq 5 started "revving" and loosing power shortly after starting. Now, the temp was very high outside (113 degrees), and the A/C was running heavily to cool the cabin down, but I have not experienced this before. Its almost like the...
  5. Hyundai IONIQ 5
    I'm interested in purchasing an I5 but have read that leaving the key inside the car may cause 12V drain over 2-3 days. As leaving the key inside the vehicle is mandatory in my valet residential garage, I'm wondering if I would often run into this 12V battery drain issue. Can anyone provide...
  6. Hyundai IONIQ Charging And Batteries
    Hi, I would like to ask about my doubts. People are saying that we should not charge to 100% (with DC, not AC), but what happen with battery if we won't obey this rule? From chemical perspective I mean. I know overall discussion that it might leads to the battery's degradation, but how? I also...
  7. Hyundai IONIQ 5
    I see a lot of people getting very concerned or confused about the estimated range displayed after a 100% charge. My previous ICE car's petrol consumption went from 9.6l/100km to 17l/100km, depending on usage. It's estimated range to empty also changed based on usage. I do not see people...
  8. Hyundai IONIQ 5
    My IONIQ 5 RWD 77K 12 v battery went flat the other day. Yellow light on dash lit up and I determined that it was being charged on its own from the big battery. BUT current problem is, since this, I can't get the vehicle to charge! Plug in the evse and nothing happens. No timers set...
  9. Hyundai IONIQ 5
    Most say MY23 Ioniq 5 cars will finally come with "Pre-charging battery heating" Is this just a software update or both hardware and software? Will MY21, MY22, MY22.5 cars get this very needed function?
  10. Hyundai IONIQ 5
    Looks promising, especially as it is touted as requiring only a software change (though I expect this may not be equally effective in all systems).
  11. Hyundai IONIQ Electric (EV) ('17-'21)
    Woke up this morning to my 2019 EV making a very loud buzzing sound from the engine area, and everything is dead. Can it be a dead auxiliary battery?
  12. United Kingdom
    Since taking delivery of Ioniq 5 72kw RWD, the figures for milage after a full charge to 100% have never been close to quoted mileage, and reduce with each charge. Ie. 278miles, 231miles, 218miles. Anyone else experienced this?
  13. Hyundai IONIQ 5
    See article from inside EV The question is when. Normally begin 2022. Will the for Europe already ordered cars that normally will be delivered end of Q1 2022, benefit of it? And what will be the power output with a heavier battery, I suppose the higher US power output.
  14. Hyundai IONIQ Electric (EV) ('17-'21)
    Quick question for UK members who have received notification from Hyundai that their car’s battery needs replacing; has anyone heard anything from the company in the past few months? It’s been nigh on 6 months since I was contacted and duly adjusted my car so it now only charges to 90%...
  15. Hyundai IONIQ Electric (EV) ('17-'21)
    Hi everyone! New member here, made an account to hopefully get some advice on what to do. I recently purchased a 2019 Hyundai Ioniq EV 28kWh. I did pretty well with investments and shortly thereafter I bought myself a Tesla after a wonderful 2 month window with the Ioniq. My partner has...
  16. Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid ('17-'21)
    I recently found a 2018 hybrid with around 1000 miles on the clock. Thinking about buying it. Might this be an issue for the battery since it was used so lightly? If so is there any way for me or the dealership to test it’s health and arrive at a more informed decision?
  17. Hyundai IONIQ 5
    IONIQ 5 - E-GMP - all the BATTERY PACKS I wanted to give you a complete overview of the different IONIQ 5 Battery configurations. I made a Battery data table and pictures how the Battery is assembled
  18. Hyundai IONIQ Electric (EV) ('17-'21)
    So, I found on the Leaf forums this issue was related to the 12V battery. But wondering if any members here have had this issue and what the issue/fix was? I have been charging at a DC quick charger every week, once or twice a week with no issues until recently. Now the charger fails to...
  19. Hyundai IONIQ Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) ('17-'21)
    Hi, On my Ioniq Plugin Hybrid 2017, I have now twice been in a situation where the car needed to be jump started with cables because there was no power on the 12 volt battery. First time the light in the trunk had been on all night (6-7 hours) because the trunk was not completely closed. Second...
  20. Hyundai IONIQ Electric (EV) ('17-'21)
    Hi all, We bought a house in Viborg, Denmark 65 km from my workplace in Aarhus so I will have to drive at least 130 km 4-5 times a week. Average speed will be 80km/h. There is no high way. Total km per year will be 35-40k. Today we bike or use public transport but it will not be possible after...
1-20 of 22 Results