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Took my Ioniq on an incredible road trip recently and wanted to share! Started in California and did a big loop around the western side of the US. Ended up driving through California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, and back to California!
  • Three weeks on the road
  • Drove through 8 states
  • Totaling 6,162 miles
  • 150.8 gallons of fuel burned
  • $599.17 spent on gas alone
  • Averaged 41 MPG
Climbed up Mt. Hood in Oregon

Skyline of Seattle, Washington

View of Glacier National Park in Montana

The mountains of Wyoming.

Night sky at Arches National Park in Moab, Utah

Car camping along side RVs pretty much the entire trip.

Picture with Olaf on the final leg of the road trip in the Angeles National Forest in California.

So grateful to have the chance to explore the US by car and I'm so happy I was able to do it with my Ioniq! This is the longest trip I've been on with Olaf and I hope there will many many road trips to come. Olaf handled it like a champ! Thanks Olaf!!!!


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Very nice! Thanks for sharing. Any pics of your setup inside? Looking to do some tweaks on my “Qamper” ;)

I just wrapped up a thorough two week IONIQcamping road-trip of the dunes of eastern Lake Michigan (was pleasantly surprised by the scenery!) with a goal of doing it on the cheap testing out different overnight sites. Spent less than $200 on gas ($95 @62MPGs US) and campsites with a mix of paid campgrounds, free boondocking on public land (including some harrowing off-roading!) and some parking lot “stealth” camping.

Now that I know it’s doable and some of the kinks to work out, hopefully some epic journeys like yours, @inameditolaf except at a slower pace as I can’t put in too many high mile days - takes the fun out of it for me.