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Prius Two
We sold our 2008 Prius with 163K miles. Zero problems of any kind. Bought the new one for $19.5K on sale.

Things I don't like about 2017 Prius:
- White accents. This is my #1 turn-off
- Dashboard centered gauges (never have liked them)
- Ugly console
- Cruise control stick rotates with steering wheel

I don't like the direction Toyota has taken on the new Prius models. I'm looking for an alternative.

- Some models don't have a spare tire. I won't buy any car without a spare, or at least a place under the cargo floor for a purchased spare.
- Lower seating position and lower car height. I already stopped driving one car a few years back because it was too low.
- Less storage spaces, cubbies, etc., loss of second glove box.
- Loss of 12V outlet on lower part of console.
- Poor position of the shift lever.
- MPG improvements were a disappointment.
- The console is ugly.
- Three spoke steering wheel. I very often drive with my right hand at the bottom of the wheel.
- Less rear seat legroom.
2015 Toyota Prius Two (White)


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